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  • Free Standing Tire Swing

    Free Standing Tire Swing

    A frame pine tire swing set.

    Regular Price: $699.00

    Special Price $599.00

  • Mountain Loft

    Mountain Loft

    This charming playhouse features a swing and slide.

    Regular Price: $4,199.99

    Special Price $3,389.99

  • Olympic Trainer

    Olympic Trainer

    Play fort with strength building activities.

    Regular Price: $4,049.99

    Special Price $3,289.99

  • Olympic Jumper

    Olympic Jumper

    Play fort with turbo slide and wavy slide.

    Regular Price: $5,949.99

    Special Price $4,789.99

  • Jungle Gym Explorer

    Jungle Gym Explorer

    Classic swing set with play fort and slide.

    Regular Price: $5,029.99

    Special Price $3,849.99

  • Treehouse Loft

    Treehouse Loft

    This charming playhouse features a slide and a trapeze bar.

    Regular Price: $3,879.99

    Special Price $3,189.99

At we don’t just sell fun things; we live them. Partnered with the Price Cat Team we are incapable of offering items which are boring or overpriced. Lt. Artemis, the Price Cat, has dedicated the entirety of her existence to eradicating high prices (and sometimes playing in her condo). She’s determined to get you that new swing set or bounce house at a price that makes sense for you, so you can focus on you and yours having a good time, rather than how you’re going to pay for it. The Adventure Pup, Harley S. Esquire, spends the majority of his waking hours searching out new and fun things to add the site. Water trampolines are one his favorite items, though anything fun-related is enough to get the Adventure Pup excited - even a plastic bone will do the trick.

Whether you’re shopping for a swing set, a banana boat, or a good old fashioned playhouse, PlaygroundMall and the Price Cat Team are here to help fill your recreational needs. In a world where life can often seem to oscillate solely between stress and boredom, a new towable tube or pool float may be just the thing to spark some relaxation in your life.

If ever you have questions, or if ever you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call on us. The Price Cat Team exists to serve you!